Friday, October 03, 2008

It's all relative.

I feel pretty lucky to have a cool job as a game programmer. However, today I get to watch the Blue Angels making passes over our office as they perform for the Miramar Air Show. When I imagine what kind of view the pilots must have from their cockpits looking out over San Diego and the ocean I think now THAT is a cool job!

Is 34 too old to start flying jets? :)


Toldain said...

I'm so jealous, Greg. When I worked for Silicon Graphics in the 90's the Blue Angels would do a show at Moffet Field, right next door. We went up on the roof and got a great view of their practices the weekdays before the show. And during the show, they would do the high/low speed pass coming right over my house.

However, since the base closings, they haven't been here for 10 years, hence my jealousy.

Mikul said...

Its not too old, considering most top pilots go well into there 40's. But the main question would be, are your reactions still good enough. Doing what they do, day in day out keeps them as good as they have been.

Taymar said...

Definitely not too old. I got my pilots license in my 30s. OK, I don't fly jets but you know, single engine planes are really amazing when you are the one in control. And it makes me even MORE in awe of Blue Angels/Red Arrows and the like.

Honestly - go to the airport and find out about a flying school. I am sure you'd love it.

Anonymous said...

so what's going on?